Journalist Colleagues Support Laura Kostin’s Candidacy

Letters to the editor submitted by Producers and Editors at CNN and CNBC

Laura and I worked together at CNN in New York for quite some time. She always has been a devoted journalist and tenacious worker.

She put in long and unusual hours, which is one of the grueling (and often little-known) norms of 24-hour cable television.

If she was coming off an overnight shift for a morning news show and something came up when we needed someone to take an afternoon show to air, she would stay to do it, without hesitation, and with the highest quality of work.

It’s that kind of grit and devotion that makes me confident in her commitment to the task at hand. I knew I could depend on her to present often complex information to our viewers in a way that was thoughtful, engaging and fact-based. In the breathless, intense, volatile environment that is a cable TV newsroom, that says a lot.

Over the years, Laura was able to work well along-side a vast cadre of talent and varied mix of personalities. She’s always been patient, impartial and most of all eager. You can bet she will work as hard for you as she did for her colleagues and our viewers.

Peter Tedeschi Former Sr. Executive Producer, CNN

I write to you as a conservative Republican supporting a Democrat to represent you as State Representative.

The reason is that Laura Javadi Kostin is that rare regular person who is getting into politics as a means to an end, not as an end into itself.

I’ve known Laura for almost 20 years, mostly in her professional capacity as a producer of financial news on live TV at networks like CNBC and CNN where we were co-workers.

Laura was always cool and focused on the matter at hand, which is hard to do in the mayhem that often is a TV news control room. It’s that experience that provides me with the first bit of evidence that Laura has what it takes to be a civic leader. But just as importantly, Laura is no ideologue and never was.

She may be a Democrat, but unlike so many in her party she’s fighting for lower taxes and smarter spending. That’s what a normal person would do in their personal managing of their finances and that’s what you’ll get from a real person like Laura representing you. I hope all of you, but especially my fellow Republicans, will look past party labels and vote for Laura Javadi Kostin on November 6th.

Sincerely and hopefully,
Jake Novak
Radio host, former Executive Producer and Editorial Columnist at CNN & CNBC

I have known Laura Kostin for nearly 20 years. She is a former colleague and a long-time friend.

As co workers, I was an Editor and Laura worked under me as Producer at CNN financial news in New York. Laura is hard-working, fair-minded, thorough and thrives under high-pressure environments such as a deadline-driven newsroom.

In addition, Laura has an in-depth understanding of the economy and financial markets and was able to make complex ideas easy to understand for the average CNN Financial News viewer.

As a State Representative, I know she will not only give it her all, but she will also make sure that all sides are heard and will come out with the best solution for all.

If you vote for Laura, you’re casting the best vote for your community.

Maris Schwartz
Former Editor, CNN Financial News

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