Letter: Bocchino is Constant Voice of Reason

Letter to the editor submitted by Susan Bevan

State Representative Mike Bocchino has represented the Town of Greenwich’s 150th District ably in Hartford since 2014.

He is a constant voice of reason and has worked in a bi-partisan manner to advance the rights and interests of all citizens of the state of Connecticut. Mike is committed to eliminating the Estate tax, preventing the imposition of new or higher taxes, cutting burdensome and costly regulations and reducing wasteful spending practices. As the Ranking member of the Labor and Public Employees committee in Hartford, he worked to craft and pass a Pay Equity bill that prohibits employers from asking a prospective employee about his or her salary history.

He has also supported and/or cosponsored bills to: ensure women’s health coverage elements (including 12 month contraceptive coverage with no-co-pay), enhance sexual assault evidence kit procedures (resulting in a reduction of the backlog of 1800 untested kits), and overhaul and improve sexual harassment and assault laws dealing with domestic violence complaints.

He helped pass the bi-partisan opioid legislation, worked on the bill banning Bump Stocks (from the outset) and believes in common-sense gun safety regulations.

Mike reviews all bills carefully to be certain that they accomplish the stated goals in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Bills that overreach or lack specificity are carefully re-crafted to best solve the issues presented.

Do not be misled by those with a political agenda who are misrepresenting the fine, moderate, bipartisan voting records of the Greenwich Delegation in Hartford.

With much left to do to bring our state back to fiscal health and preserve our rights and opportunities, Mike’s proven ability to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle will help to make Connecticut safer and financially sound.

Please join me in voting for Mike Bocchino on November 6.

Thank you,
Susan Bevan

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