JOE KELLY: Budkins has superior communication and organization skills

Submitted by Joe Kelly

I’d like to take a moment of your time to share my thoughts on why I’m voting for Jackie Budkins, the most qualified candidate for Town Clerk. 

Simply put, Jackie is the ideal candidate for the clerk’s office.  She’s got the kind of warm and approachable personality that a public facing elected official should project and the qualifications and drive to get the job done.

I’ve always been impressed with her ability to bring people together towards a common goal with her enthusiasm, superior communication and organizational skills.

She has been awarded Customer Service awards throughout her career.  Her work experience as a local realtor has provided the perfect training to take on the Clerk’s office.  One of the Clerk’s primary responsibilities is to process and record every real estate transaction that occurs in town.  With that said, she literally uses the office almost on a daily basis and has a keen understanding of how other professionals like attorneys and searchers access the records of the office. The town of Greenwich is fortunate to have Jackie as a candidate. 

I respectfully ask you to vote for Jackie for Town Clerk on November 2nd!

Joe Kelly 

Greenwich, CT