Howard Richman: Why I Am Running For Tax Collector in 2015

Submitted by Howard Richman on Oct 30, 2015

To the Editor:

I am the Democratic candidate for Tax Collector of the Town of Greenwich.  The following is intended to outline my platform.

The Tax Collector is an elected position.  I believe it should be appointed.

If you elect me, I will work with the BET, Board of Selectmen and the RTM, to change the Town Charter to allow for the hiring of a professional tax collector.

This will allow for better oversight, efficiency and accountability.  That accountability means saving from $100,000 to over one-half million of Greenwich taxpayer dollars each year.

Making a change will allow the tax collector’s performance to be measured against other department heads. This will also allow periodic review of how the workload and staff is being managed.

It is time for the Town of Greenwich to come into line with 80% of similarly sized municipalities in Connecticut who have professional tax collectors.

If you agree, please vote for me on November 3.

Howard Richman
Democratic Candidate for Tax Collector