HIGBIE: If rich, white Greenwich liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all!

Submitted by Carl Higbie

Three lines under a paid campaign banner picturing Rachel Khanna saying, “Only one candidate supports women”. The piece that follows is a scattered Op-Ed by a wanna-be Board of Education member, who was given a consolation prize with a position on the BET, and was then subsequently ousted after calling town employees “homicidal maniacs”. (GOLDRICK: Kimberly Fiorello is the Marjorie Taylor Greene of Connecticut Oct 2, 2022)

I give you, Sean Goldrick.

He attempts to paint Kim Fiorello as a fringe lunatic whose “extremism and bizarre utterances have shocked and outraged many voters in her district.”

After I wiped the up coffee, I snorted through my nose laughing, I had to call Kim and ask what she ever did to this guy to trigger him so much? She said, “I have never even met the guy”. What a typical Lib… Mr. Goldrick is too afraid to come debate the merits of his issues at one of Kim’s many open coffee hours for constituents…so he pivots to the ad hominem attack. Oh ye warrior of the keyboard.

The opening accusation? Mr. Goldbrick claims Kim is the “Marjorie Taylor Greene of CT”. Well it’s a change from the usual “racist” label but I’d pose the question, why? What specific similarities does she hold to the congresswoman from Georgia? Of course, he provides no specifics.

The Op-Ed also knocks Kim for not sending her kids to “Greenwich’s highly regarded public schools.” This is rich considering the woman Sean is supporting in the same OP-ED, Rachel Khanna, immigrated here as a young girl from France and went back to Europe for her own schooling. She then chose to educate one of her own children at an affluent NY private school. If rich, white, Greenwich liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all! Look past the glaring hypocrisy for a moment and you can see the deeper issue, most Democrats hate the fact that a parent (other than themselves of course) might want to explore educational priorities for their children. Dare I say, “a woman’s right to choose” what her kids learn?

This lack of self-awareness continued, Goldrick attacks Kim for getting a failing grade from “Connecticut Education Association.” Just as a reminder, the CEA are the folks defending Cos Cob assistant principal Boland after he was caught on tape discriminating against Catholics, conservatives, and women over 30. Kim should wear that “F” as a badge of honor! But hey, the CEA loves Rachel Khanna.

Goldrick mentioned Kim “harangues and threatens board members”, as a parent at nearly all those meetings, that didn’t happen. I did though, after my daughter’s second grade remote class was shown a man with an erection standing over a child. Sean and Rachel were oddly quiet on that issue though. Kim was a voice of reason combating the school shutdowns and mask mandates…that we now know drastically hindered children’s learning and by all available data didn’t do a damn thing to stop the spread of the virus. Kim was right about ALL of it. The irony of Sean’s allegations that Kim is “fringe or extremist” at the school meetings, is just classic gaslighting.

Kim has supported the side that consistently outnumbers Khanna’s own “Support whatever republicans oppose” liberal faction.

In the last BoE meeting Kim’s supporters outnumbered the Covid and CRT brigade by a factor of 5. You see Sean, based on things like Math, (one of the subjects Kim advocates for over your social justice BS), 5:1 means Kim is the majority and your side is the fringe.

Now, What Kim votes against is crap like this; bills that remove parents almost entirely. Read it for yourself. On the first page it says: “EXCEPTIONS TO PARENTAL AUTHORITY,” which includes Pregnancy consultations, mental health treatment, HIV testing, STD testing and a ton more by the schools WITHOUT informing parents or getting their consent… But Khanna, she’s for it, her party passed it!

Goldrick also used this opportunity to attack Kim for following a Facebook page that had a member say something, once upon a time, that was anti LGBT. Is that the standard Sean? Then perhaps you should look at the fact that Rachel gave nearly $2,000 to the Lincoln Project, whose leader was forced to step down after sexually harassing young boys. Just sayin’.

The even harder left turn towards the end of this word salad was the jump to women’s rights saying “She’s [Kim] now revealed herself to be an anti-abortion extremist” but quoting her, just ONE line down, saying: “abortion should only be permitted “early” in a pregnancy.” Is that an extreme view? Not wanting to wait till the 9th month? Sean, news flash, you guys are in the minority. In fact; 80% of Americans think third trimester abortions should be illegal. But not Rachel! She believes in abortion on demand, up until birth and was an escort for planned parenthood she believes its ok to terminate viable babies. Sorry, who’s “extreme”?

But what would a rabid liberal attack be without buzz words like “environmental justice”. This is almost comical given Khanna, a borderline environmental extremist, lives in a nearly 8,000 square foot GATED house, no less in back country Greenwich, that forces her to burn gallons of fuel to just get to downtown.

Maybe Sean, sit the next one out… or, I’d be happy to debate you.