Greenwich Needs New Fiscal Management To Protect Our Town and Your Wallet

Submitted by Democratic candidates for Board of Estimate and Taxation Elliot Alcheck, Matt DesChamps, Scott Kalb, Leslie Moriarty, Steve Selbst, David Weisbrod

What would Greenwich look like under new Democratic financial leadership? A lot like the Greenwich community you may remember: respectful debate, smart, collaborative fiscal planning, long-term investment in our town infrastructure and services, and a sharp eye on keeping taxes low.

First and foremost, Greenwich residents would be heard and respected. We will hold regular meetings at convenient times for working residents and parents with school aged children to solicit and listen to community feedback.

Second, the budget of Greenwich will reflect our town priorities and community values. Schools would be built and renovated on time and in a cost-effective manner, saving taxpayer’s money. Taking care of our schools will protect property values in our neighborhoods; but, more importantly, it will safeguard our children from flooding, mold, poor air quality, and crumbling infrastructure, problems that impact them everyday in our schools currently, and it will also provide much-needed access for students with disabilities.

We will put our financial experience to work by ensuring the budget is trimmed of any waste and that grant money and other sources of funding are explored to keep your taxes low.

Necessary funds will be provided to procure needed fire protection equipment and other services to ensure all of our citizens’ first responder needs are met, keeping you, your family and your property safe.

The budget will adequately address investment in infrastructure necessary to confront climate change and flooding. We will be proactive and plan appropriately to mitigate risks and reduce costs from extreme weather events, unpredictable energy expenses, estimated to increase 54% next year, and rising waste management expenses.

We will invest in services to ensure that our elderly community, who have contributed so much to our town, have access to the resources and care that they need. We will do this work, while being fully committed to the financial stewardship taxpayers deserve.

One-party rule of the Board of Estimate and Taxation for 98 of the last 100 years has resulted in complacency, rigidity, and a lack of innovation. We believe Greenwich residents deserve better.

We look forward to working with members of town government and the RTM to provide respectful and cooperative dialogue that will enhance our citizen’s quality of life and invigorate our communities.

Please vote for the Democratic BET slate in November and let’s deliver the financial leadership that Greenwich deserves!

Elliot Alcheck
Matt DesChamps
Scott Kalb
Leslie Moriarty
Steve Selbst
David Weisbrod