GOLDSTEIN: On Electric Blowers, Don’t Ask Greenwich to Subsidize Private Business

Submitted by Dr. Michael Goldstein, Greenwich

I am in total disagreement with Paul Kramer’s proposed subsidy of the Greenwich gardening business. (Kramer: Banning Gas Powered Leaf Blowers – Please add a side of empathy! Nov 30, 2023)

It is not the business of the Town of Greenwich to subsidize private business. Instead the landscapers should and will add the cost of compliance with the new law to the monthly bills of their customers.

This makes sense because if you want quieter enjoyment of your property at the expense of increased business costs then you should reasonably expect to cover that cost. Since we border NY State many of the landscapers also work in New York. Why should Greenwich taxpayers have to subsidize the New York landscaping business.

From a health perspective we are protecting these landscapers and their employees from the harm of inhaling the fumes of the two cycle engines which will enable them to enjoy healthier and longer lives.

I do object to the May 1 start date because sometimes April can be cold and cleanups can continue in the beginning of May.

Those of us with a lot of trees do need some more time.

I have had an electric small blower for several years and after 20 minutes the battery dies. Fortunately I have 2 batteries but the first does not recharge before the second is finished. It is not a silent machine.  Not sure how the electric blower compares with the 4 cycle push blowers which consume much more power than the backpack type blowers.

The Greenwich budget is not an unlimited fund.  In addition to the actual subsidies proposed there would be administrative costs that would not exist if the increased costs are simply passed on to the customers.

Those who live in apartments, and commercial businesses with no leaves should not have to pay higher taxes to subsidize this proposal.

Dr. Michael Goldstein