GOLDSTEIN: Campaign is endorsed by Dick Morris, despite claim to the contrary

Submitted by Dr. Michael Goldstein campaign for CT’s 4th Congressional District

On August 5, 2022, Jonathan Goldstein, son and Campaign Manager of Dr. Michael Goldstein M.D., J.D., Candidate for Congress for Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District was accused of fabricating the endorsement that Dr. Goldstein received from Richard “Dick” Morris, a Political pundit, pollster, author, and Newsmax contributor.

The libelous defamatory statement and accusation was made to Jonathan Goldstein by a member of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee and a financial contributor to Ms. Stevenson in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, August 9th. This attack is despicable and will not be tolerated and shows a real lack of integrity on this person. The attack is absurd as Dick Morris’ endorsement is true and far too easy to verify.

Jonathan Goldstein, through his legal counsel, has issued a cease-and-desist letter to the individual with a directive to retract the defamatory statements that were made in a public setting on a group message that contains more than 100 group members. The directive further applies to any other public dissemination of the defamatory statements.

Following a conversation with Dr. Michael Goldstein on August 4th , Mr. Morris released the following endorsement from his Connecticut home:

“I am pleased to endorse Michael Goldstein in the Republican congressional primary in Connecticut. In 2016 Donald Trump took over the Republican Party. Now he is remaking it. In Connecticut, the Republicans have been the elites, cooperating with the Democrats in a sycophantic tango pantomiming opposition to one another but in fact pursuing the same agenda of taxes and big government that have dragged Connecticut ever downward. We need a dose of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump in Connecticut, and Michael Goldstein is just that.

His opponent Jamie Stevenson is the epitome of a Connecticut go along to get along Republican better known nationally as rinos. She opposes Trump and his policies and condemns both his goals and his means to achieve them. On the other hand, Goldstein knows a gem when he sees one and understands how unique Donald Trump is and how key his revolution in the Republican Party is to the future. I strongly suggest that you vote for Michael Goldstein.”

Given the nature of the comments made by the individual and the upcoming Primary on Tuesday, August 9th , the individual has until Monday, August 8th to publicly retract such comments or Jonathan Goldstein will seek additional remedies available to him. We also request that the Stevenson campaign denounces the behavior of the individual.

In addition, throughout the campaign and especially in the past week, Dr. Michael Goldstein has received numerous accusations regarding his current status as a physician. Some of those accusations have been by supporters of Ms. Stevenson in Dr. Michael Goldstein’s presence and others have been in inbound messages shared by others with Dr. Michael Goldstein and his campaign.

For the record, Dr. Michael Goldstein is a Board-Certified physician with a specialty in Ophthalmology and holds active licenses in New York, Connecticut and California. Dr. Michael Goldstein is also a fellowship-trained Corneal Specialist. In addition, Dr. Michael Goldstein also maintains active law licenses in New York, Connecticut and California. All licenses are easily accessible and verifiable through the various licensing departments of the state of issue.

The Goldstein campaign does not tolerate false accusations, defamatory and libelous statements and is taking the time once and for all to address these issues for the final time despite numerous public posts, including a copy of Dr. Michael Goldstein’s prescription pad.