Goldrick: Lopez Awarded “A” from Start School Later Group

Letter from Sean Goldrick, received Oct. 30, 2015

Anthony Lopez is the candidate Greenwich needs on the Board of Education.  Anthony understands the importance of later school start times for the health of our youth, and strongly supports implementing a later start time for Greenwich High School beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

For his strong stand on that issue, he has been awarded an “A” grade and endorsed by the Greenwich advocacy group “Start School Later.”

Anthony Lopez will be the strong voice advocating for families of special needs children, who too often have been poorly served by the Greenwich school system, and underrepresented on the board of education.  Anthony has three children attending Greenwich public schools, including a special needs child.  As an experienced special education professional, as well as the parent of a special needs child, Anthony understands their educational requirements, and will fight to get them the resources and education they deserve.

Anthony Lopez will also serve as a much needed advocate for the western Greenwich community, a community whose needs and wishes are all too often ignored.  It is critical that a resident of that community, which Anthony is, have a voice and a vote in the planning of the new elementary school to replace New Lebanon.

Anthony Lopez is the advocate Greenwich needs on the board of education.

Sean B. Goldrick
Member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation