DTC Vice Chair: In Support of Jill Oberlander for First Selectman

Letter to the editor from Gina Gladstein, Vice Chair of the Greenwich DTC

Jill Oberlander is a graduate of Cornell University, and the University of Chicago School of Law. After receiving her law degree, Jill worked in several prominent corporate law firms and as a real estate attorney at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Following 9/11, Jill was general counsel of the Downtown Alliance, the non-profit that was instrumental in rebuilding and revitalizing lower Manhattan.

In Greenwich, Jill is the current Chair of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, the Board that reviews Town budgets and sets our tax rates. To put this accomplishment in context, Jill is the second female chair of the BET in town history and the first Democrat to hold the office. In addition, Jill served six years on the Representative Town Meeting and was a member of the Finance, Labor Contracts, Budget Overview, and Plan of Conservation & Development Implementation committees. She is a member of the Greenwich League of Women Voters and has served as the league’s Co-Vice President for Programs.

Greenwich residents should understand Jill’s guiding principles. In a time of relentlessly partisan politics, Jill stands out. To anyone who knows her, she will listen patiently to those who disagree with her. But in the end, Jill has an unyielding determination to do the “right thing”. She will advocate policy over
politics every single time.

Jill, with her formidable negotiating abilities, skillfully presides over a bipartisan BET. She has garnered praise from Republicans and Democrats alike. Although she understands the art of compromise, we can count on Jill to negotiate for the best
possible outcome.

We have an important choice in November. Greenwich has an annual budget of 450 million dollars which requires an administrator with expertise in contracts, procurement and oversight. As a town we need to elect Jill as First Selectman. As
our First Selectman we can expect Jill to prioritize government efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness. Jill has the smarts, the skill sets, and the vision to move our town into the 21 st century while maintaining the charm and character that we love.

Greenwich is fortunate to have a candidate who will work tirelessly for the common good. A smart, dedicated, hardworking woman who knows how to get the job done. I urge you to support Jill Oberlander for First Selectman.

Gina Gladstein
Vice Chair of the Greenwich DTC