Dietrich: Smeriglio is Fully Certified Tax Collector with 4 Years In House Experience

Letter to the editor submitted by Irene Dietrich

What an opportunity we have this November – we can, for the first time ever, elect a fully certified Tax Collector with 4 years in house experience! Heather Smeriglio’s willingness to run for this office stems from a desire to serve the Town of Greenwich.

Heather’s work experience began in the banking industry where she rose to the level of bank manager and a Vice President. This clearly establishes her viable financial background. With encouragement from our former Tax Collector, Heather began the process of acquiring her Tax Collector Certification.

Heather is a lifelong resident of Greenwich and a dedicated Republican. She is challenging our incumbent Tax Collector. Her Skill set now includes hands on practical experience obtained through four years of employment in the actual office. Consequently, there will be no down time when she is elected! Heather will have no learning curve as far as the functioning of the office. Her certification clearly indicates she understands the process of collecting Greenwich Taxes.

So, I ask for your vote for Heather for Tax Collector on November 5th!

Submitted by,
Irene Dietrich