Crumbine: Fassuliotis Is a True Fiscal Conservative

Letter to the editor submitted by Peter Crumbine, Aug 30, 2017

Letter to the Editor:

For the first time since 1993, Greenwich will have a primary for the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET). In that regard, I support Karen Fassuliotis, a true fiscal conservative with an impressive education and business background.

Education: Karen graduated from Greenwich High School and went on to get a doctorate in toxicology and pharmacology (perfect for the remediation issues facing the Town) and a juris doctorate in law (good for the BET’s Law Committee).

Business career:  Karen has held management positions in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, including the management of Superfund sites.  Her law career has also included elder law (good for issues involving Nathaniel Witherell), estate planning and real estate closings.

Fiscal conservatism:  Karen is Vice Chair of the Republican Town Committee (RTC) and strongly believes in less government and lower taxes.  As a member of the RTM, she has fought to keep increases in the mill rate at or close to zero.

The Republican primary will be held on Tuesday, September 12.  Please join me in voting for Karen Fassuliotis.

Peter Crumbine
Former Selectman
Town of Greenwich