Dr. Conboy: Marzullo is a Skilled Health Professional Aware of Needs of Our Community

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Drew Marzullo, and I would encourage everyone to once again ensure his re-election as Selectman.

As a local physician, I have supported Drew since he began his work in town government. Drew’s attention to the issues of public health and safety are, of course, particularly impressive to me and to the people I serve in my practice.
As I have noted in past, Drew is a hard worker, and has always been very goal-directed.

He is able to accomplish things by reaching out to others, and working cooperatively to better our town. He has always remained aware of the needs of our community, and has witnessed many of these needs while delivering hands-on care to the people of Greenwich as a very skilled health professional.

Please support Drew Marzullo in his effort to win re-election. I am certain that he will continue to be receptive to the needs of the citizens of Greenwich, and will continue his dedication to improving our community.

Kevin E. Conboy M.D