BERG: Why are the Aroras misleading the public about Harry’s registration?

Letter to the editor from Peter Berg, Cos Cob

To the Editor,

Harry Arora and his campaign manager wife Nisha Arora are insisting to reporters that Harry has always been a Registered Republican.

These statements are easily disproved by reviewing available public records.  Both Harry and Nisha registered as Democrats when they lived in Stamford.  They remained Democrats when they registered in Greenwich on 9/21/2010.  Harry circled DEMOCRAT in black on his signed registration card, so this was not a slip of his pen.

Nisha changed her registration to Republican on 8/28/2012 and voted in the Republican Presidential Primary of 4/26/2016.  Harry remained a Democrat and voted in the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Harry changed his registration to Unaffiliated on 5/4/2016 and then to Republican on 10/11/2017.

Why are the Aroras misleading the public about Harry’s registration?  Did they think that no one would check the public record?  Why take such risk?

Harry comes from the dicey culture of Enron Corp.  Enron collapsed in 2001, taking its accounting firm Arthur Anderson down with it.  Senior executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were convicted of fraud and conspiracy and making false statements.  Mutual fund investors, local and state pension plans, and others lost $74 billion in the four years leading to the largest bankruptcy in American history at the time.  Local and State pension plans losses resulted in tax increases that continue to this day.

Harry moved on to Amaranth Advisors, one of America’s 50 largest hedge funds.  When that firm collapsed due to risky investments, individual and institutional investors lost more billions.

Harry says, “I have been blessed by the American Dream.  Now it is my turn to give back and serve.”

Peter Berg, Cos Cob

This was submitted in time for the Jan 14 deadline at 5:00pm for letters in favor or opposed to a candidate for the Jan 21 election for State Rep District 151.