Arora Campaign: Harry Brings Leadership and Business Perspective to Hartford

Submitted in response to Jeffrey Stewart’s letter to the editor, “Who is the Real Harry Arora?” Published Jan 10, 2020

Harry Arora is not a career politician. He has been in the private sector and is not beholden to any vested interests. He has a strong understanding of business and finance which is important given the problems Connecticut is facing. Harry will bring a fresh perspective to Hartford.

Harry began his career at Enron out of school and was one of 10,000 employees. Shortly after, he moved to Connecticut. To connect his time at Enron with Enron’s bankruptcy or Connecticut energy prices is unreasonable.

Since moving to Connecticut, Harry has been involved in various non-profits and grassroots political advocacy.

Harry has shown himself as a man of integrity and clear judgement throughout his personal and professional life. Harry is a respected businessman and a family man.

Please feel free to visit our website or call the campaign office at (203) 635-3926 to learn more about Harry’s commitment to values or speak to Harry himself.

Arora Campaign

Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.