Weekly Greenwich Covid-19 Update: “Fingers crossed, we’re starting to see a slow decrease.”

During the weekly Covid-19 press conference hosted by First Selectman Fred Camillo, Dana Marnane, Vice President of Public Relations at Greenwich Hospital shared the current numbers.

She said the hospital began the day treating 6 Covid-19 positive patients – all unvaccinated. Two of them are in the ICU and one is on a ventilator.

Across the Yale New Haven Health System, and in Greenwich Hospital, Marnane said, “We’re hopefully starting to see a slow decrease in admissions.”

One week earlier they were treating 136 system wide. Today there were 118.

Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo via Zoom. Sept 1, 2021

“Fingers crossed, we’re starting to see a slow decrease,” she said. “But we cannot let our guard down. We still need people to get vaccinated, wear masks, and wash hands – especially as school starts.”

“That’s good news,” Camillo said. “With school starting up, and with people coming back from vacation, and with events already under our belt, we’ll be watching the numbers in the next couple of weeks to see if there is any movement.”

Camillo said lately he was only learning of “dribs and drabs” of people getting the vaccine.

“There’s also some who just refuse to get it,” he said.

Though Greenwich has very high vaccination rates, Camillo would like more people get vaccinated.

He said he hoped people would change their mind since the FDA announced full approval.

“I’m thinking some people who used that as an excuse are still not going to get it – their minds are made up,” he said.

Ms Marnane said the hospital anticipated flu shots to become available in October.

Asked if people should space out the timing of Covid booster shots and flu shots, she said the guidance was likely to come soon and might indicate a small amount of space between the two shots.

Camillo said both Governor Lamont and Stamford Mayor Martin had said when the indoor mask requirement was implemented a couple weeks ago that cases flattened out.

“We want to get to the other side of this ASAP,” Camillo said. “I can’t thank the overall majority of people in Greenwich enough for taking it seriously.”

He said he hoped the public health measures including masking were temporary to get us through the rough patch with the Delta variant.

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