Greenwich Covid Update: 100% of Residents 65+ Have Had At Least One Shot

During the bi-weekly Covid press conference hosted on Wednesday by the town and Greenwich Hospital, it was announced that, to date, there have been 5,902 Covid positive Greenwich patients since the beginning of the pandemic, which reflects an increase of 23 since a week earlier.

The town is tracking 28 active cases, an increase of 5 week-to-week. Fortunately, deaths did not increase in the past week, remaining at 96.

The breakdown on vaccinations by age bracket:

12-17 – 87.17% are fully vaccinated
18-24 – 81.1% are fully vaccinated
25-44 – 66.65% are fully vaccinated, which has remained unchanged for the past two weeks
45-64 – 81.42% are fully vaccinated
age 65+ – 91% are fully vaccinated

Interestingly enough,100% of the 65+ population (10,466 people) have at least had one shot.

“Wow, that is so good,” said Diane Kelly, president of Greenwich Hospital.

Still, she said the vaccination rate for people age 25-44 was concerning.

“The reason I say that is backed up by the fact that the majority and close to all the patients requiring hospitalization at this point are vaccinated,” Ms Kelly said. “That data speaks for itself.”

Dane Marnane said the hospital no longer has boosters scheduled at Greenwich Hospital.

Residents can schedule booster shots at community partners including local pharmacies.

The hospital has been focusing on making boosters available to healthcare workers.

“The reason we’re comfortable with that is we’re getting assurances that our community partners are able to handle those appointments,” she explained.

Given Pfizer’s request to federal regulators to authorize their booster shots to everyone age 18+, which would give access to all 181 million fully vaccinated people before the holiday season, Ms Kelly said, “Any time we have our partners expanding the availability of the booster is important, especially as people are going to be coming closer together. We know this is a higher risk time for us, so I think the more access people can have for their boosters is extremely important.”

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant the request, perhaps prior to the Thanksgiving holiday.