COVID-19 Update: Greenwich Hospital Capacity Holding

As of 3:15pm, Monday, 212 Greenwich residents have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Greenwich Health Department.

That is up from 185 on Friday.

The age breakdown of the 212 COVID-19 positive Greenwich residents:

Greenwich Hospital reports that as of noon, Monday 107 COVID-19 positive patients were being treated in several different units of Greenwich Hospital.

So far, 108 patients have been discharged and continue their recuperation at home.

Cumulatively 2,372 people have been tested at the Hospital’s outpatient tent, with 888 testing positive. (Numbers include Greenwich residents as well as people from other towns in Connecticut and Westchester.)

As for fatalities, there have been 16, but Diane Kelly, COO at Greenwich Hospital, declined to say how many were Greenwich residents.

She said many had underlying conditions.

“There are many contributions to it (death numbers),” Kelly said. “It’s simply a measure of this person passed and had a positive COVID test, but some of them had other things going on.”

As for capacity for COVID-19 patients, Kelly said, the hospital’s 12-bed ambulatory “first stage” is full.

“I’ll probably dip into our second stage tonight. But I’ve only used 12 of our 84 beds at our facilities here in town. We definitely have capacity. It’s something we’re managing without a problem.”

Camillo suggested people wear facial coverings when outdoors, even if it’s just a bandana or scarf (in addition to hand washing and hand sanitizer).

Kelly said that was a good suggestion, on a par with wearing gloves at a venue with touchable surfaces.

“Having something on your face like a bandana prevents you from touching your nose or mouth inadvertently. That’s the risk there. If you forgot to wash your hands and touched something contaminated, it adds an extra barrier. If you’re out and about touching things, not wearing gloves, it’s a good idea. It can be a bandana or any cloth protector. And if you’re with people, you’re preventing breathing in things.” – Diane Kelly, COO of Greenwich Hospital

“This is especially important as Fairfield County continues to be the epicenter of new diagnoses every day,” Camillo said.

As for limitations of testing, Kelly said, “That is the international plight. Everyone is looking for more testing. …It’s very complex. It’s not just the testing. It’s the swabs. It’s the resources that laboratories need to have to manage the tests.”

She said Yale New Haven Health System has been able to get testing, but is prioritizing it for health care workers and patients who have been admitted.

“Obviously we want to have it for the health care workers,” she said. “We need to get them out as quickly as possible. In the same vein, we need to get them back in because they are also a critical resource right now.”

She said the hospital has received some of the new quick tests, mentioning  one from Cephied in particular, which yields results within hours.

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