Meet Dugan at Adopt-A-Dog, A Sweet Older Gent who Just Wants to Cuddle Up and Enjoy Your Company

Dugan is an adorable senior who has a new lease on life! He was originally adopted from Adopt-A-Dog in 2008 and recently found himself at Manhattan Animal Care Centers when his owner passed away. Adopt-A-Dog always stands by their dogs, so they brought Dugan back into their care, and are focused on finding him a forever family to enjoy his golden years with.

The folks at Adopt-A-Dog say that Dugan has the cutest set of old man teeth, and that while he is on the senior side, he acts like a dog half his age.

Dugan is a big fan of going on new adventures, and is equally enchanted with an afternoon nap. As a polite, older guy, all Dugan wants to do is cuddle up and enjoy being in your company.

They say that adopting a senior dog is one of the best things that you can do, and adopting Dugan would absolutely be one of the best.

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