Sustainability Award Winners Announced in Time for Earth Day Event at Christ Church

The Greenwich Sustainability Committee is pleased to announce that its newly established Sustainability Award will be presented in conjunction with the Town’s Earth Day Proclamation on Saturday, April 1 at 12:00 noon at the Parish Hall of Christ Church in Greenwich. 

The Greenwich Sustainability Committee is deeply appreciative of its community partner, Waste Free Greenwich, for hosting the proclamation and award ceremony during its ReThink Waste Fair, which will take place at Christ Church from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.   

The Sustainability Award has been created to celebrate Greenwich residents who embody the principles of the committee:

ACKNOWLEDGE our place as participants within living and interdependent ecosystems.

COMMIT to sustaining, improving and restoring our natural resources, landscape and watershed on which future generations will depend.

ENCOURAGE the growth and development that attends a healthy economy to be rooted in the health of our natural systems.

HONOR the natural function and beauty of our landscape as integral to building community and serving well being.

ENVISION collaboration among all members of our Greenwich community to forward responsible and enduring stewardship of water, air, land and shore.

RECOGNIZE a changing natural environment and seek resilient strategies to meet and adapt to inevitable challenges.

RESPECT diversity in all its forms: biodiversity in our landscapes, watershed and shore is what makes them resilient and diversity of representation in our process is what makes for successful outcomes.

The selection committee found its task very challenging and was heartened to hear about the many contributions made by members of the Greenwich community to advance sustainability in our Town.  For its inaugural year it chose to focus on the contributions of our rising leaders, everyday heroes and community icons. 

The Sustainability Award winners are:

Andy and Nancy Chapin
Sally Davies
Bob and Jan DeAngelo
Karen DeWahl
Isabelle Harper
Matt and Alana Kontos
Isabel and Peter Malkin
Thomas McQuillan
Karina Pruitt
Kelly Repaci

The Greenwich community is warmly invited to attend the ceremony and fair, a fitting way to kick off Earth Month!