RMA Featured Speaker, Christopher Shays: We have a democracy if we can keep it”

From the Retired mean’s Association of Greenwich:

Christopher Shays is the RMA’s featured speaker Wednesday, October 4, 2023. The talk begins at 11:00am at First Presbyterian Church, 1 West Putnam Ave., Greenwich.

The program will also be shown on Webinar: https://bit.ly/30IBj21 

The maladies that afflict our democracy today require that we return to basics and remind ourselves of the responsibilities that are the hallmark of good citizenship. We need to reestablish the guardrails of decent behavior.

Politicians must honor with selfless service the trust placed in them by the electorate. They must return to practicing the art of compromise, respecting and promoting the truth in every endeavor, and working to uphold the Constitution and strengthen our democracy. Citizens should become more educated and tolerant voters. They must be ready to respond and to sacrifice in order to help make both our nation and the world a better place now and for future generations. Former Congressman Shays will further expand on these ideas and propose means for implementing change.

Shays represented the 4th District in Connecticut from 1987 to 2009 in the United States Congress. A moderate Republican, socially progressive and fiscally conservative, Shays had a strong and successful record of reaching across the aisle to address our Nation’s problems.

After Congress, Shays co-chaired the Commission on Wartime Contracting, then served as a Distinguished Fellow in Public Service at the University of New Haven, and later as a Resident Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, Institute of Politics.

Christopher Shays is a graduate of Principia College, NYU’s Stern School of Business (MBA), and its Wagner School of Public Administration (MPA).

The Greenwich Retired Men’s Association offers a free program every Wednesday that is open to the public, both men and women; no reservations are required. Our social break starts at 10:40am followed promptly by our presentation at 11:00am. Programs are at the First Presbyterian Church, 1 West Putnam Ave. in Greenwich. For additional information see www.greenwichrma.org