Pemberwick-Glenville Day to Feature a Tour of the Historic Railbed Trail

The Pemberwick-Glenville Historic Rail-Bed-Trail Tour will be held on Sunday, May 31 and begin at 10:00 am. This tour coincides with the 10th annual Pemberwick-Glenville Day!

This is a chance to walk the first section of the former rail bed, led by a guide who will relate the history of the proposed Pemberwick-Glenville rail line, the topographical changes which resulted over time, recent history, and notable local sites along the trail.

At the end of the first section, walkers may either detour on a path for pickup by a minibus, or hike along the unfinished section of the rail bed with a guide, before joining the rest of the tour group. Those taking the bus, will stop in Glenville at the “Train Depot” to visit the site of the former American Felt Mill, which closed its doors in 1979, and learn about its early history.

The final leg of the Tour will travel north through the center of the original “Mill Town” to another site the rail line was proposed to traverse,

noting other historical sites. The Tour will then circle back so that participants will have the option of joining the festivities at the Pemberwick-Glenville Annual Celebration (also free admission) at Pemberwick Park, which begins at 12:00 noon. Shuttle service back to the Comly Ave parking lot will be available throughout the day until the end of the event at 5:00 pm. (Tour participants will assemble at the Yantorno Center/Tennis Court in Pemberwick Park. Because parking is only available for bicycles, those coming by car will be asked to park in the large lot at the corner of Comly Avenue and Pemberwick Road, the former Russell, Burdsall and Ward Nut and Bolt Factory site until 1882, where a bus will take them to Pemberwick Park.)

Pemberwick-Glenville Community Celebration runs from 10:00am – 5:00pm, admission is free. The food affordable for all, thanks to the Parks and Rec Department for giving us the “community” rate, and to the generosity of local businesses and individuals.

This year organizers are making it possible for many more folks in the Pemberwick-Glenville area to come enjoy the day, but you can help us make it work.

Each year, on average (200) Pemberwick and Glenville current and past residents and friends have attended this family fun day in Pemberwick Park, but there are others who have never come, either because they cannot or dare not walk, or they know there is very limited parking for automobiles, or cannot get a ride, or have trouble accessing the “picnic” area. The even runs 12:00 noon to 5:00pm, with entertainment provided by Billy and the Showmen and Allegra Dance Studio.

Walking or bicycling – We encourage everyone who can walk or bike safely to do so, but also to recognize that the roads and sidewalks will be busy. (Stroller and Bike Parking available on site).

Park and Ride – For those who would drive from Glenville, or west of the River, or upper Pemberwick, the parking lot at the bottom of Comly Avenue (actually 200 Pemberwick Road), will be utilized as the main pick up and drop off spot for a TAG shuttle that will run throughout the day.

Here’s the plan:
Door-to-Door and TAG-Along –  Glenville and Pemberwick residents who cannot drive can Dial-a-Ride, as always, but if you help us now, the ride will be free.

Here is how you can help: Please let us know now if you would like to attend PG DAY and need a ride. Tell us only the street you live on, and we will then determine the pickup points for the shuttle so that your neighbors can take the ride too! 

Dropoff at the Park – The TAG Shuttle will pull up the driveway to the Yantorno Center to make it easy for everyone to get off, and we will have volunteers to help folks get around to the picnic area as needed.

More information is available on the Pemberwick-Glenville Association website.

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