Parks & Rec New “OnePass” Will Simplify System for Beach, Parks, Golf, Tennis, Pickleball and Marine Facilities

Instead of having multiple passes for different town facilities, OnePass is an all-in-one pass that allows residents to purchase pass options including access to beaches, parks, the golf course, tennis courts, pickleball courts and marine facilities.

This new OnePass will move everything to one card for everyone’s convenience.

“Consolidating passes into the new OnePass has been a primary goal of this department,” town Parks & Recreation Director Joseph Siciliano said.

“A lot of hard work and effort from our staff was needed to make this happen. More than 20,000 letters with more than 47,000 OnePass cards have been prepared by the staff for delivery to our active 2022 park pass holders,” he added.

If you had an active Park Pass in 2022, your new OnePass  will be mailed the week of January 23, 2023. Old Park Passes will no longer be valid and can be discarded.

Residents who had an active park pass for 2022 will be mailed a OnePass during the week of Jan. 23. Those that did not have an active park pass for 2022 should go online to for more information on how to sign up.

“Whenever you roll out new changes there are always going to be some bumps in the road,” Siciliano said. “But we think this will be something the residents of the Town of Greenwich will benefit greatly from. We are also excited to explore what other services we could add to the OnePass in the future.”

More information about the OnePass is also online at and any questions about it can be emailed to [email protected].

“This is an exciting initiative being put forth by our Department of Parks and Recreation,” First Selectman Fred Camillo said. “Our Town beaches and parks are one of the reasons people move to this town in the first place and having the OnePass in place will make it much easier for people to use them. No one’s going to have to hunt around for passes anymore when everything will be on one card for maximum convenience.”