Nominate A Real-Life Hero in Greenwich for Greenwich Town Party Honors

Greenwich Town Party announced there is no better time than to acknowledge the real-life heroes living or working in Greenwich.

For the past six years, the Greenwich Town Party has hosted a Heroes Campaign for residents to nominate someone who goes above and beyond, inspires others and has had a positive impact on the community. This year, as the community faces challenging and unprecedented times, the Greenwich Town Party is looking to honor the people who are giving back in extraordinary ways.

From grocery shopping and pharmacy stops for seniors to raising funds for hospitals, food banks and families in need, Greenwich is coming together and displaying acts of kindness and courage every day.

“Now, more than ever, is the time to shine a spotlight on members of the Greenwich community who are giving back in big and small ways,” said Ray Rivers, GTP co-president. “We are all in this together and we’d like to help raise awareness for the needs and the good deeds happening around us.”

“Heroes” can be anyone who lives, works and/or volunteers in Greenwich: a student, teacher, coach, parent, neighbor, volunteer, healthcare worker, or public servant among them. To nominate a hero online, please visit:

All hero nominations will be reviewed upon submission and, once approved, featured on the GTP web site and social media channels.

One hundred heroes will be randomly selected to win a pair of GTP Community tickets.

Nominations are continuously accepted and posted to the site up until July 1.

“We hope everyone will join us in celebrating our strong and generous community,” Rivers said.

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