Military Fighter Jets Planned Fly Over Takes Residents by Surprise on Sunday

Greenwich residents were puzzled on Sunday afternoon when four loud fighter jets flew over town.

The military jets, F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jets, scared some people. Others expressed disapproval, pointing out the carbon footprint of the fighter jets is significant and the flyover was not necessary. But most people, if Facebook is any evidence, thought it was great fun.

It was the coolest thing,” one person commented.

“The sound of freedom,” another commenter posted.

Darien Police Dept used social media to spread word in advance that the jets would be doing the flyover.

The four jets practiced for a half hour over Fairfield County towns as they prepped for their planned flyover at Arthur Ashe Stadium for the US Open finals in Queens.

The jets, which have Pratt & Whitney engines, have top speed of 1,875 miles per hour, have a wingspan of 43 ft and are 64′ long.