Meskers: Choosing Signs of Love during Pride Month

Submitted by State Rep Steve Meskers (D-150)

There has been a proliferation of lawn signs around town from “Patriots.”

I am a third generation American with a Catholic school education through 8th grade, a public school education in high school,  and a Jesuit education at Fordham University.

I know my US history, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

Our public space in town is open to all, but I don’t need to join any group to be a patriot.

I think for myself and try to represent my constituents faithfully. I have served 18 years in our RTM and 3 years in the CT House of Representatives.

I chose my signs carefully because they are about inclusion and acceptance.

This is the one I put outside my house.

June is Pride Month and the #Greenwichhaspride signs can be purchased by VENMO’ing $20 to Wells Noonan. All proceeds go toward the Kids in Crisis “Lighthouse Program” for all Fairfield County LGBTQ+ youth.

I did not get here all in one day and I don’t claim to own the moral high ground. But I sure know what a swamp of hate and fear smells like even from a mile away.

One day someone will come up to you and ask a devastating question. “Where were you when they spoke against my son or daughter or sister or brother or friend or neighbor?”

Silence is not always golden.

Love is love and hate is not, we all need to be better.