The Hope of Flanders Fields

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The Hope of Flanders Fields (2016) by Brenda H. McDonald

With Memorial Day coming, I remember well getting up very    early, excited to “march” in many Memorial Day parades as a Brownie and Girl Scout, from Old Greenwich, by the fire station (I think) to Binney Park. It was very colorful and fun, but the deeper significance eluded  me, and speeches in the park bored me. Now, with a different perspective, I have written a poem in counterpart to the famous, In Flanders Fields. – Brenda McDonald

These Flanders fields of long ago
With soaring larks, where poppies blow
These fields are marked for fallen men
Who gave their lives for peace – and then
Their torch was passed for war – again.

And still we battle with a foe
As if we really didn’t know

That lasting peace will only come
When hearts and souls are joined as one
Across the nations ’round the world
When flags of all can be unfurled
And each held high for all to see
And revel in this harmony.

Then Flanders fields will finally be
A place where children come to see
How nations once resolved their woes
By killing dead their current foes.

And ye who died will sleep in peace
Knowing that the wars did cease.