Party Style Box: Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Party Garland

By Janine Vairo

I found the cutest garland idea that you can make yourself. It is easy, inexpensive, and fun to make with the kiddies! Just take a deck of cards and use only the hearts. Then hole punch two holes at the top and string them all together with festive ribbon. Then, you can add on extra fun, by finding a very festive ribbon at a local craft store such as Michael’s to give the garland a unique, pretty and very creative look!

Use this charming paper garland to add a little festive touch for your Valentine’s party or romantic evening by adding some color to your environment, or perhaps use it as your store decoration in your own boutique or restaurant, etc.  You can hang it on fireplace mantles, doorways… it is a very “heart”, romantic garland.

You can even cut scalloped circles out of special Valentine-themed playing cards, selecting hearts, Kings, Queens, etc. for variety and mix them with pink cardstock, then string them on a clear strand and you have an extremely festive Valentine’s Day party decoration that you cannot find at any party store.

I hope this simple party decor gives you inspiration and a little love to add to your life and on V-day. Enjoy!


Credit Janine Vairo, PartyStyle Box

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