Hill House Halloween Scarecrow Grabs Attention!

Suzanne Prunier, members of her Landscaping Committee, and residents of Hill House in Riverside gathered to welcome their newest resident, a two-faced Halloween Scarecrow. To the best of everyone’s knowledge, he or she has not been given a name. His or her two faces allow him/her to greet passersby, whether on foot or in a car, coming from either direction on Riverside Avenue. The scarecrow looks like a linebacker with the New York Jets or New York Giants. You make the call.

The Hill House Scarecrow is definitely not scary. The smile on both faces is happy, engaging, and welcoming. In fact, Moms pushing strollers from the childcare center next door are stopping to take pictures of him/her with their kids. Perhaps a name would be in order? Suggestions are welcome.

Sam Telerico, Chairman of the Board and President of Hill House, and Joy Lautenbach, Chair of Hill House–The Next Generation, thanked the committee for their work as Hill House closes in on completion of its capital campaign that is adding 24 new apartments, new program space and an enlarged dining room.