Gretchen Carlson Pens “Getting Real,” Launches National Book Tour in Greenwich

In ‘Getting Real” Greenwich resident Gretchen Carlson, the host of The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson on The Fox News Channel, speaks out candidly about what it means to be a high-powered career woman in America today.

The book, being released, Tuesday June 16, 2015, will be the focus of a celebration event and conversation Monday, June 15 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at First Presbyterian Church Greenwich.

Kathie Lee Gifford, co-host of the third hour of the Today Show, will interview Gretchen.

In ‘Getting Real,’ Carlson holds nothing back about her journey. From her childhood in Minnesota, growing up as a violin prodigy, through college at Stanford and Oxford, her win as Miss America and her first in-the-trenches years as a reporter, Carlson’s rise to anchorwoman reflects her fierce determination to reach her goals. She has struggled with her own insecurities: her body image, perfectionism, and the loneliness that shadowed many of her quests. Carlson has faced real-world challenges: still to this day battling the “dumb blonde” label, enduring a stalker’s threats and sexual harassment at work, and the shame of being fired early on in her career.

Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson

Carlson also gets real about the way her faith and family have shaped and nourished her, giving her strength to meet challenges, including balancing a high-powered career with being a wife and mother. Erin Keys, Associate Minister for Congregational Life at First Presbyterian Church says, “Gretchen and her family are dedicated members of our community, and we at First Presbyterian are delighted to celebrate the release of ‘Getting Real.’ This book offers hope in the face of struggle, and highlights the importance of belief—both in God and in oneself, when facing the challenges life presents. It is our hope that others will be encouraged by Gretchen’s story, inspired by her faith, and come away from this event with a sense of their own resilience and ability to overcome whatever obstacles they face.”

Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson

The event marks the launch of Gretchen’s book tour that will take her around the country to share her personal story. (NYC, Washington D.C., Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, as well as the Nixon and Reagan Libraries in California). Carlson says, “I believe in teaching my children the same life lesson my parents engrained in me; how important it is to give back. Each year I invite local young women from both Greenwich Academy and The Convent of the Sacred Heart to my studio to experience TV news firsthand. My husband and I also teach Sunday School together at our church, which is why I am so honored to launch my book in a community I have come to love and call home.”

The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a champagne reception. At 7:00 p.m., Gretchen will share her personal insights from her real life in a conversation with Kathie Lee. Tickets ($35 each) are available online for purchase First Presbyterian Church Greenwich  and will include an autographed copy of her book.

Gretchen Carlson has lived in Greenwich for 8 years with her husband, sports agent Casey Close, and her two children, Kaia and Christian. Carlson received a YWCA 2015 Greenwich BRAVA Award.

Carlson is a trustee for Greenwich Academy, a National Trustee for the March of Dimes and a board member for The Miss America Organization. She is an active member in the community recently serving as emcee for “Time for Lyme Gala” and emcee for the Greenwich Academy auction in May. First Presbyterian Church Greenwich and Diane’s Books  present the event, ‘Getting Real’ By Gretchen Carlson.

First Presbyterian Church Greenwich is located at One West Putnam Avenue.

Diane’s Books is located at(8 Grigg Street in Greenwich.