School-Wide Service Project at Riverside School: Holidays for Haiti

This past Friday Riverside School held a school-wide community service event, “Holidays for Haiti,” where students in grades K-5 had the opportunity to provide holiday gifts for children at a local elementary school in Haiti named “Danita’s Children.”

Danita’s Children educates over 300 students in Haiti in grades K-13.

The event was met with enormous enthusiasm and participation.

Over 300 packets were put together for Danita’s Children, with over $5,500 raised in gifts and necessities.

The packets, along with home made cards made by Riverside students, will be mailed out to Danita’s Children in early December.

A joint effort between the school and the PTA, the event was designed to help foster more community involvement, and encourage a culture of giving back with its student population throughout the year.

Leading up to the event the school built excitement for the event by giving lunchtime presentations, engaging in poster marking, and educating students through classroom visits.

“We are thrilled with the success of this event,” said Christopher Weiss, Principal, Riverside School. “This project allowed our students to give back in tangible ways, and impact those in need in a meaningful and lasting manner.”