PJ Day in Greenwich: Printed Flannels, Fuzzy Slippers and Awareness for Kids with Cancer

The Pajama Day fundraiser for children’s cancer research returns on Feb 10 for the second year at several Greenwich Schools.

Sophie Lenschow, a member of the Greenwich High School class of 2024, brought the event to town last year when she was a sophomore a way to raise funds for kids kids battling cancer at Connecticut Children’s Hospital.

Diagnosed with Leukemia herself when she was a 6th grader at Eastern, Sophie finished treatments at the end of 8th grade. She explained that the idea of Pajama Day is to raise money for children’s cancer research, but is also symbolic. Children with cancer wear pajamas for days, weeks or longer.

Sophie Lenschow, a member of the GHS class of 2024, at home in Old Greenwich. Photo: Leslie Yager

Initially she learned about the Pajama Day from a family she met when she was a camper at the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.

“They were the ones who started PJ Day and have been doing it throughout the state,” she recalled. “We saw Greenwich was one of the few places that wasn’t participating yet.”

Last year was the first year for the event in Greenwich Schools. Four schools participated: EMS, Old Greenwich School, North Mianus School and Greenwich High School. The goal was to raise $1,000 and Sophie said at the end of the fundraiser, $12,000 was raised.

This year more schools are participating and the fundraising goal is $5,000.

The suggested donation is $1.00, but it is optional. Students can bring $1 or more to school and wear their PJs or donate to via the online link. Sophie said it was nice last year to see both teachers and students in their pajamas because it was a show of support for children with cancer.

Sophie’s mother Ursula said that while even the smallest donation is helpful, there is more to it.

“Even if they just wear PJs in solidarity, and even if kids just stop and think about kids in hospital that day who don’t have the fun of being in school – even if that’s all it achieves, that they stop and think of the other kids, it’s a success.”

“It makes me feel really good to know I can help other kids going through this. It wasn’t fun,” Sophie said. “Last year I saw a ton of my teachers wearing their PJs, which was nice to see.”

“It’s optional. They don’t have to donate. Even wearing pajamas in solidarity is helpful.”

Pajama Day 2022. Contributed photo

“Connecticut Children’s Hospital started this fundraiser, and it benefits all children touched by cancer,” Sophie explained. “This year I decided to try to expand to all public schools in town.”

She explained that while the funds from PJ Day go to Connecticut Children’s Hospital, the important point is it all goes to cancer research.

And, as the fundraiser has grown organically across Connecticut include Greenwich, Sophie said other towns can create their own fundraisers.

To raise awareness for Pajama Day. Feb 10, which is the last day of school before winter break in Greenwich Public Schools, Sophie is eager to get the word out.

To raise awareness for the event, she is working with the GHS Cancer Awareness Club, and Karen Foster in Student Activities has been very helpful.

“We’re going to make a ton of posters to raise awareness,” she said.

Certainly any GFP readers interested in donating to the fundraiser, every dollar helps.

In the fundraising web page for Greenwich Schools is here:


Anyone considering starting a Pajama Day fundraiser in their town can contact Sophie about how to get started. She can be reached at: [email protected]