Joe Kaliko Seeks Assistance to Help Woman Who Donated One Kidney, Lost Second Kidney to Cancer

Last May, Joe Kaliko announced that the Needs Clearing House would close its doors on June 30, 2018 after five years of serving the community.

Mr. Kaliko however, still shares compelling stories of people struggling, and the story of Carmen from Port Chester is no exception.

Kaliko said he learned the story of Carmen when one of her doctors wrote to him to solicit the community’s help.

According to Kaliko, Carmen lost both her kidneys. She donated one kidney to save a life. Ten years later she lost the other kidney to cancer.

After two years on dialysis a third kidney, received from a cadaver, is holding up, but Carmen developed pancreatic cancer. She has lost both he pancreas and spleen.

The bank took over Carmen’s home after Carmen’s mother died. The bank has let her continue to live in the house, but she must go by Sept 15. Her only asset is a 19 year old car.

Carmen receives $1650 per month in social security, in addition to food stamps.

Needing $2,600 for a first and last month security deposit on a new apartment, Kaliko said there is a gofundme page to help Carmen.

“We are trying to raise the $2,600 she needs for the security deposit,” Kaliko said. “She has the first month’s rent of $1,300.”

“The need is genuine,” Kaliko said. “Anything you can do to help me with this challenge I will greatly appreciate.”