Monopoly Coming to Greenwich with Official Version of World’s Most Popular Board Game

The world’s most iconic board game has been played for over 85 years by 1 billion people, in 114 countries and over 47 languages. 

With official versions of Monopoly launched around the world to celebrate different cities and towns, Greenwich will be among the first customized, geographic game boards created for the North American market. 

Forget the famous Boardwalk, Park Place and B&O Railroad.

Courtesy: Top Trumps USA, Inc.
Courtesy: Top Trumps USA, Inc.

The Greenwich version will highlight Greenwich Avenue, Tod’s Point, Metro North Railroad and other sites, locations and businesses that together help make Greenwich the tight-knit, active community that it is. 

The game is being created and manufactured by Top Trumps USA, Inc. under license from Hasbro, the official owner of the Monopoly game and brand.

“The Greenwich game will play homage to all of the favorite locations, icons and businesses that are beloved in the community, with locally themed squares not only replacing the traditional game board locations, but the Community Chest and Chance playing cards will also take on a local angle,” said Afolabi Omotola, Partnerships Manager, Top Trumps USA, Inc.  “As we work to create a board that truly celebrates what makes Greenwich such a special place to live and work, we are excited to invite the community at large to share their ideas for their favorite locations, businesses and town icons that they think should be featured on the final game board.  Our goal is to create a game that truly embraces what this special town is all about.”

Courtesy: Top Trumps USA, Inc.

Suggestions for the game board and customized playing cards are being accepted via email: Greenwic[email protected]. The community is also invited to cast their suggestion via social media, using the hashtag #GreenwichMonopoly.

Mr. Monopoly will be in Greenwich in the coming weeks so be sure to look out for him out and about and spending money in town.

Greenwich Monopoly will be released later this year, ahead of the holiday season, and available for purchase online and at local retailers.

Top Trumps USA Inc. is a USA division of Winning Moves International. We make an assortment of world-famous educational card and board games. These include the original Top Trumps card game, Top Trumps Match – the Crazy Cube Game, Top Trumps Quiz, fast-paced word tile game Lexicon-GO!, playing cards & puzzles. Top Trumps will now be bringing official versions of completely customized MONOPOLY for the North American market under license from Hasbro. Each community based MONOPOLY experience will play homage to all of the favorite locations, icons, and businesses creating a game play that truly embraces what makes each community unique and special.