Holiday Drive-In Movies to Play in Greenwich Drive-In Format

Greenwich Community Projects Fund will be hosting free holiday drive in movies on Saturday, Dec 19 and Sunday, 20.

Both are being presented by Pure Leaf (Pepsi) in lieu of the outdoor skating rink that was proposed for Greenwich Common but withdrawn due to concerns of Covid-19.

The movies will be shown in Horseneck lot, which will open at 5:00pm. The movies start at 6:00pm.

Parking porters will be onsite guiding vehicles to spots. The movie will be heard live but can also be played on the radio station from your vehicle. The radio station will be displayed onscreen for you to tune in and listen.

This event is first come first serve for all guests. Only 100 vehicles will be allowed to park in the lot. Every other spot will be left open to allow space.

Please try to remain within your vehicle during the event. You’re allowed to throw out trash, get food, and sit outside your vehicle at an arm’s length distance. Please remain close to your vehicle to ensure socially distancing is maintained.

Families are allowed to set up their own chairs within their parking spot and sit at arm’s length away from their vehicle.

Food will not be available to purchase. However, there will be sponsored snack bags for each vehicle which are free.

More information can be found online at

On Dec 19 the film is The Grinch, and on Dec 20 the film will be Christmas with the Kranks.