GHS Students Spring into Art

For students, the start of spring brings the expectation of warmer weather, spring sports and spring break.

For students in the Art Department at Greenwich High School the highlight of the season is “Spring Into Art,” an exhibit featuring over 2000 pieces of original work.

“Spring Into Art” will take place May 19 during school hours 8:30-3:15pm in the Art Department of GHS.

Submitted works include photography, ceramics, digital art, sculpture, printmaking and a variety of paintings and drawings. Many students are taking advantage of the opportunities in the arts. Classes are offered in the following areas: Art Experience, Art & Nature, Introduction to Drawing, Design, Drawing & Painting, Advanced Drawing, Advanced Painting, Ceramics, Digital Arts, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, AP Art History, AP 2D, AP 3D, AP Photography and AP Digital Arts.
Other areas of enrichment in the art department include Honors Art and a variety of clubs.

Artwork will be displayed throughout the art wing in every nook and cranny. Students in all classrooms will be demonstrating their area of expertise. Visitors are encouraged to participate in hands-on demonstrations and activities such as nature printing, ceramics, photography, mehndi, and digital art.

Whether it is studio art or art using technology, GHS students are proving that the arts are alive and well in Greenwich.