Christ Church’s Dogwood Books to Host Free Talk: “Breaking Glass: Tales from the Witch of Wall Street”

Christ Church’s Dogwood Books and Gifts is hosting a Book Talk Thursday, May 16: with “The Witch of Wall Street,” Patricia Walsh Chadwick.

Patricia Walsh Chadwick

Just released! Patricia Walsh Chadwick will start her book tour for “Breaking Glass” at Dogwood Books & Gifts. This Wall Street legend recounts how she clawed her way up to success in a male-dominated world, starting from the bottom at age 17 after being forced out of her home: a religious cult.

At 49, Patricia Walsh Chadwick was named a Global Partner at Invesco, marking the culmination of a career that began with her first job as a receptionist at a brokerage firm at the age of 19. Over her 30 years as a rare woman in the high-pressure, high-stakes business of finance, she earned a reputation as sharp, driven, exacting, and fierce. Throughout her highly successful tenure on Wall Street and nearly two decades after, Patricia kept a secret hidden from nearly everyone: She had grown up inside a Catholic religious community turned into a cult.

In BREAKING GLASS: Tales from the Witch of Wall Street, Patricia Walsh Chadwick continues to tell the story of her bizarre upbringing that she began in her 2019 memoir, Little Sister.

Despite being branded a “witch” by some, Chadwick has no regrets about pursuing a career in finance with drive, grit, perfectionism, and impatience—qualities of leadership that are lauded in men. She reflects, “I was also lucky that for much of my career on Wall Street, I had the wind at my back. In the end, I turn to my long-held belief in grace. I will be forever grateful that I have been blessed with the grace of optimism, of resilience, of gratitude, and of joy.” Dedicated to her mentors, BREAKING GLASS is sure to inspire young women and anyone struggling to believe in their ability to overcome formidable obstacles and achieve whatever they set their mind to.


When people enter Dogwood for the first time, they almost always say “Wow.” It is such a beautiful space and when you walk upstairs, it has the most calming aura overlooking the landscape. Plus, the people at Dogwood are friendly and helpful. The beautiful upstairs Dogwood Mezzanine with an Entertaining Kitchen is available for book talks, cocktail parties, and gatherings. and seats up to 24 people.