Bruce Museum Selects Inaugural Artist-in-Residence to Ignite Creative Dialogues 

The Bruce Museum is thrilled to announce the selection of Kimberly Klauss as its inaugural Artist-in-Residence.

With generous support provided by Art Bridges, this exciting initiative marks a significant milestone in the Museum’s commitment to fostering creativity, supporting emerging talent, and engaging the community in meaningful artistic dialogues.

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Klauss

Kimberly Klauss will embark on a transformative nine-month residency at the Bruce Museum, where she will have the opportunity to delve into her craft, experiment with new ideas, and interact with the Museum’s diverse audience. During the residency, Klauss will respond to the works Collage X Landscape by George Morrison and DNA: Sepia V by McArthur Binion (both on loan from Art Bridges’ permanent collection) through the lens of her own practice.

“We are delighted to welcome Kimberly Klauss as the first artist-in-residence at the Bruce Museum” said Robert Wolterstorff, The Susan E. Lynch Executive Director. “This new residency program underscores our commitment to provide artists with a platform to push boundaries, challenge perspectives, and contribute to the rich tapestry of contemporary art. I love the spirit of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity Kim brings—she’s a perfect first in the role.”

Klauss was selected from a competitive pool of applicants for her innovative approach to painting and her demonstrated commitment to combining art and science within her artistic practice. During the residency, Klauss will engage with the Museum’s visitors through public events, workshops, and open studio sessions, offering a behind-the-scenes look at her artistic process. This direct interaction aims to demystify the creative process and strengthen the connection between the artist and the community.

The Bruce Museum looks forward to the impact that Kimberly’s residency will have on both the local arts scene and the broader cultural discourse. The Museum invites the public to follow her journey on social media and participate in the upcoming events and programs associated with the residency.

For more information about the inaugural Artist-in-Residence program at the Bruce Museum, or to view workshops and lectures facilitated by the museum’s Artist-in-Residence, please visit