55% of Nutmeggers Don’t Use All Their Vacation Days

In Connecticut fifty-five percent (55%) of Nutmeggers keep their noses to the grindstone year-round and leave hard-earned time off on the table, according to Project: Time Off, a US Travel Association initiative of which AAA is a partner.

That percentage equates to 6.5 million unused vacation days and an untapped economic benefit of $853 million.

Nationally, more than half of American workers (54%) annually fail to take all their time off, the study reports and as a result, create a national stockpile of 662 million unused vacation days.

The hardest workers come from Idaho, the state that ranks Number 1 in unused vacation time. But if you’re from Maine, you know how to relax because only 38% of workers leave time off on the table.

To bring attention to the plight of American working stiffs, AAA, in collaboration with Project: Time Off, proposes we take a break and celebrate “National Plan for Vacation Day” today (January 30) to prioritize vacation planning.

Of course, the key to using all those unused vacation days, however, is “Planning,” said Rick Del Nero of AAA Northeast.  “By planning, we can reap the benefits of taking a break while giving ourselves something to look forward to.”

In fact, “planners” have distinct advantages over non-planners: they use more of their vacation time, they take longer vacations and they’re happier overall, says Project:  Time Off’s The State of American Vacation 2017 report.

The report also found:

  • 52% of planners took all their vacation time vs. 40% of non-planners; and
  • 75% of planners were more likely to take a full week of vacation time as opposed to non-planners who take significantly fewer days at once – zero to three days.

Take a day off to plan your vacation. Here are some suggestions from AAA Northeast:

  • Research the pros and cons of traveling to a destination during your preferred timeframe;
  • Use a travel agent, who has the expertise and relationships with cruise lines, hotels and tour operators and often has access to special rates and benefits that routinely aren’t available elsewhere.
  • Identify attractions or activities you’re most interested in based on a budget and schedule;
  • Plan ahead: get passports, visas, health documentation in order. It can take up to six weeks to get a new passport, so allow time to secure all necessary documents.
  • Purchase travel insurance that offers   protection against sudden events. Your travel agent can help you review coverage options.
  • Use your AAA membership for exclusive discounts for car rentals, flights, hotels, vacation packages and much more. Visit AAA.com/Travel or download the free AAA mobile app.
  • Use websites like www.aaa.com to ensure you have the most up-to-date travel information before you leave home to enjoy that well-deserved time off.