Bye Bye Corbo’s and Garden Catering: What This GHS Senior Will Miss about Greenwich

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 7.12.20 PMBy Matthew Pignataro, GHS ’14, Seton Hall ’18

This year will be my last year in the Greenwich public school system as next year I will be going off to college. After being in Greenwich for 18 years, there will be a lot of things I’m going to miss. Here is a list of the top 5 things I’ll miss.

1.  Being able to call up my friends to hang out spontaneously. This is one of the things I will miss the most. As you can probably assume, most teenage boys do not make plans weeks in advance. We take things hour by hour. My friends and I always hang out spontaneously with making a set date to do something. With all of my friends being spread out all over the country, I will not be able to do something that a cherish so much.

2. Simple, high quality, genuine fast food. Some of the local places in Greenwich I will miss dearly. Never again will I at lunchtime be able to go out and get a Bruin with Cones from Corbo’s Deli or the delicious High School Special from Garden Catering in Old Greenwich.

These simple fast food meals have been staples in my diet and for 8 months I will miss them dearly.

3. Town League Sports. Town league sports have been one of my favorite pastimes. I have been able to enjoy sports and meet many of my friends from these sports. I will thoroughly miss these, as I will most likely never play sports with my friends in an organized league.

4. The Greenwich Public Schools system. For 11 years I have been in the Greenwich Public schools system. I cannot say that I did not enjoy my time. I have made so many lasting friendships with my peers and adults.

5. My family. I will miss my family so, so much. Whether it’s supporting me in sports, school, or whatever I’m doing, my family is all ways there for me. I will miss coming home and seeing the loving and caring faces of my family. I will also miss all the home cooked meals as there is nothing like it in the world. My family is definitely what I will miss the most when I’m away.


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