At GHS, Student Employment Services Shuts Down, QuadJobs Fills the Gap

QuadJobs—the fast-growing online job platform used by more than 50,000 college students to find local work announced this week that it will be expanding to include Greenwich High School students on the site, creating a separate portal for these students to easily connect with job opportunities in the community.

Greenwich High School PTA, which previously provided a job board service to Greenwich students, reached out to QuadJobs co-founders Betsy O’Reilly and Andra Newman about moving the students to the QuadJobs platform to serve the high school community.

Steph Cowie, Greenwich High School PTA Co-President said in a release, “We are excited to offer QuadJobs for Greenwich High student employment needs. We look forward to the launch and for our students and employers around town to utilize the platform for employment opportunities.”

After launching in October 2014, Greenwich, CT-based startup QuadJobs quickly became a go-to resource for families looking to hire college babysitters, tutors, dog walkers, party help, and more, as well as local businesses looking for help. The company has built a strong following throughout Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, as well as down the east coast to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Other markets include Chicago, Denver, Memphis, and Austin. There are currently more than 50,000 college and graduate students using the site to find jobs.

But “home” is still Greenwich, where both co-founders live and run the business.

“Greenwich is our home and was our starting point, and we have built our business nationally off of the tremendous support we’ve had from this community,” said QuadJobs co-founder and CEO Betsy O’Reilly. “We’re thrilled that we can now use our platform to help local high school students find jobs, gain experience and make money. Our local employers will be delighted to be able to hire hardworking Greenwich High students.”

The platform is easy to use. It is free to students. Students create a profile, including their credentials and certifications, and then apply to jobs they’re interested in.

QuadJobs tracks every job a student takes and gathers performance reviews, helping employers make confident hires. Positive reviews build students’ resumes and foster future hires.

Employers simply post a job, receive notifications when students apply, and then can review the students’ performance reviews and past work experience. Employers pay $35/ year for unlimited posts on QuadJobs, or they can opt for a single post for $7. Business employers pay $95/year for unlimited posts. On the college platform, 94% of jobs posted receive at least two applicants within 24 hours, and most receive many more. Co-founder Andra Newman says they expect that the high school portal will be similarly efficient.

“High school is new for us, but it’s a seamless expansion for our existing platform,” said Newman in a release. “Employers can hire with the same ease and confidence, whether they’re looking for a babysitter, a tutor, or someone to help with yardwork.”

ABC News NY called QuadJobs a “game-changer for college students.”

The New Yorker credited QuadJobs with providing “interns-on-demand,” a useful resource for startups and small businesses.