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LETTER: Just the Facts – Impossible to Justify Cuts to Greenwich Public Schools

“We strongly urge the RTM to support the Education Committee’s SOMR. As we all know, the schools are going to be required to do much more in the coming year.” – Frank Altomaro, Michael Bodson, Kevin Dolan, George Dutile, Joe Femenia, Jeffrey Goldberger, Scott Griffith, Stephen Kampf, Marko Kostovic, Ante Kusurin, Ed Lerum, Michael McMahon, Matthew Maciejewski, Edward Mendelsohn, Robert Nizielski, Thomas O’Connor, Duke Perrucci, Mark Ranta, Andrew Reid, Stefan Savov, Torsten Sippel, Marc Staal, Tom Tidgwell, David Ward, James Waters, Wayne Yu Continue Reading →

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