Parkways Students and Staff Play Ball in Student-Led Fundraiser

Parkway Elementary School families cheered on their fellow classmates and teachers in a basketball game on Thursday night to benefit a family that lost their home to a fire in March.

“This was born of the Student Council on how to help a family here at Parkway in need,” said Assistant Principal, Jeffrey Libby.

The Parkway staff coached, refereed, kept score, baked goods and even put on a half time show in support of the event.

The game ran four eight-minute quarters and was refereed by Parkway Media Tech, E.J. Haskell.  Fourth grade teacher Christian Wolfgruber scored a buzzer beater 3 point lay-up to win the game by one.

“I feel really bad about losing,” said Blake Martin, 11 and 5th grade player after the game. “But I feel really good about helping people.”

After the game, the 5th grade team sat together and were addressed by Parkway Principal, Mary Grandville who talked about how proud she was in the way they demonstrated the district norms during the game.

“You were here and having fun together. You showed respect for self and others in your sportsmanship, and despite a few skirmishes, you let go and moved on,” Grandville said.  “Central and Western middle schools are lucky to have you next year.”

The event was attended by 40 families and raised over $2,500.

Parkway Elementary School Assistant Principal Jeffrey Libby and Principal Mary Grandville at their Student Council basketball fundraiser.

Chase Lowthert, PE Teacher Bill Woodson, Oliver Suppo, Connor Ohl and Blake Martin at Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.

Kindergarten teacher Rich Catalano with his fan-favorite cream puffs at the Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.

Michael Asprinio, 11, blocks 5th grade teacher Karrie Vale at Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.

(L to R) Parkway teachers Charril Pierce, Mary Jane Ackroyd and Diane Luzzi cheer for the half-time show at Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.

Parkway Principal Mary Grandville addresses the 5th grade participants at Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.

(L to R) Parkway faculty Principal Mary Grandville, Daniel Forte, Steven Hohl, Karrie Vale, Andrea Seward, E.J. Haskell, Christian Wolfgruber, Theoni Stavrianopoulos, Bill Woodson and Rich Young at Parkway School’s basketball fundraiser.