New Lebanon Students Visit the National Gallery in London, Virtually

On Monday, the fourth grade students at New Lebanon Elementary were treated to a one of a kind experience.

For their assured museum experience, they virtually traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to Visit the National Gallery in London, England.

The students participated in the ‘What’s The Story?’ workshop where they got to analyze the painting Bacchus and Ariadne by the artist Titian.

They were first given cropped images of the painting and were asked to look at the setting, who or what was included in their images, what might be going on, what their emotions are, and so on.

Then, gallery educator Ed Dickensen, revealed the entire image and told the students the whole story happening within the painting.

“The stories we learned about were very interesting,” said fourth grader Oliver Silva. 

Another student, David Aguirre, said “I thought it was so fun and it was such a privilege to get to visit a museum in another country!”

Art teacher Jaclyn Smith, who organized this experience, said, “I wanted this year’s museum visit to be exciting for our students. They’ve already had so much taken away from them due to Covid, so I wanted this to be seen in a positive light – yes we’re stuck in school, but how exciting that we get the opportunity to visit a museum in another country! It is something we wouldn’t be able to do in a normal year.”