Greenwich Tree Conservancy to Sponsor Arbor Day Tree Planting at Cos Cob School

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy will sponsor an Arbor Day Tree Planting Ceremony at Cos Cob School on April 25 at 9:30am.

People without children would face a hopeless future: a country without trees is almost as hopeless; forests which are so used that they cannot renew themselves will soon vanish, and with them, all their benefits – Theodore Roosevelt

According to the above-cited quote from Theodore Roosevelt, our most passionate environmentalist and conservationist minded- President , we as a society must always honor these prescriptions for a healthy environment resplendent with trees!

The Tree Conservancy planting this year is special because they are using a tree donated to the Town by “Sustainable CT,” a statewide conservation organization, as a result of the Town’s Silver designation. The Arbor Day tree planting is an annual event with planting done at various Greenwich schools and parks.

Also, Environmental Affairs Director Pat Sesto will read an Arbor Day Proclamation which continues the Town’s qualifying for the Tree City USA designation.

Cos Cob students will be standing outside singing the Woody Guthrie song, “This Land Is Your Land”  as the grade ambassadors assist with the tree planting.