Got Ethics? BBB Announces a $2,500 Scholarship Contest for High School Jrs

The award recognizes high school students in their junior year who personify high ethical standards demonstrated in a number of ways.

The scholarship is for school-related expenses including tuition, books and lodging.
The winner will be selected by an independent panel of judges to receive a scholarship of $2,500 for use at an accredited college or university.

The selection committee will be comprised of business leaders and members of the academic community. Judges will evaluate the recipients based on their leadership, community service, personal integrity, academic accomplishments and history, overall personal integrity and a written essay.

The deadline for submitting entries is Monday, July 7, 2014.

The Scholarship will be presented by Better Business Bureau at its Awards Banquet and Annual Meeting this fall.

Entrants may download an application package from the Connecticut BBB website at¬†on the upper right side under “Awards & Scholarship Entries.”

For additional information, contact Jackie MacKnight at 203-269-2700, ext. 123.