GHS to Drop Wednesday Cleaning Break between Cohorts

On Wednesday Greenwich Schools Superintendent Dr.Toni Jones emailed families to say that in light of what is now known about the transmissibility of Covid-19 that it was no longer necessary to have remote Wednesdays at Greenwich High School.

Beginning on March 17, the district will start in-person learning on Wednesdays at the high school.

“We have learned a great deal over the past six months about how to operate in a pandemic environment. Our COVID case numbers locally, and within the District, as well as guidance from the CDC that states that touching surfaces is not the main cause of virus spread, support that we no longer need a full day cleaning break between cohorts,” she wrote, adding, “As such it has been determined that returning to face-to-face learning on Wednesdays is a safe next step for our students and staff.”

Jones noted that despite the addition of in-person learning on Wednesdays, custodians will continue to clean the building every day as usual to ensure cleanliness in all of high-touch areas. 

The ‘Greenwich Cohort’ will be in the building on Wednesday, March 17.

The following week, on Wednesday, March 24, only the Junior class will be in the building due to the SAT.

On Wednesday, March 31, the ‘Cardinals Cohort’ will be in the building.

After March 31, the two cohorts will alternate being in the building on Wednesdays for in person learning.

“We are looking forward to providing this opportunity for an additional day of in-person learning each week,” Jones said, adding that the district will continue to monitor the health situation and take guidance from local and State Health Departments.

Back in July, Jones said GHS was simply too big a school to follow social distancing recommendations, and cohorting would be almost impossible as the block schedule is already so complex. The GHS hybrid model separates the school into two cohorts, the Cardinals cohort and the Greenwich cohort.