GHS Students Win New York Times Editorial Contest

Out of in the contest out of 4,500 submissions nationwide, two editorials submitted by Greenwich High School 9th graders were among the Top Ten winners of the New York Times Second Annual Student Editorial Contest. A third GHS student editorial received an Honorable Mention.

Sarah Xu, Gjeorgjinio Brulaj, and Jean Zamora, GHS ninth graders, collaborated on an editorial entitled “Why We Stayed Up Until Midnight Finishing This Editorial” making the New York Times Top Ten Editorial winners.

Henry Shi, also a ninth grader, wrote an editorial entitled “Americans Should Defend Their Digital Privacy” which also made the Top Ten Editorials.

Zilana Lee received an honorable mention for “The Dark Underside of College Admissions.”

Sarah Xu, Gjeorgiinio Brulaj, Jean Zamora and Zilana Lee are in Ms. Diana Martinez English class at the high school. Henry Shi in in Ms. Jessica VonBrachel’s English class.

The student essays were chosen according to the New York Times rubric, which stresses “clarity of writing, strength of argument and a skillful use of sources.”

On their site, they explain that they “especially prized pieces that showcase a unique and interesting voice in the allotted 450 words. Winners resisted formula or used it deftly to their advantage.” Winners were acknowledged on The New York Times website for “playing with language, engaging readers in a scene, making clever analogies, dismissing counter-arguments, and employing humor and irony for effect. These entries were also edited, free of typos and grammatical errors, and notable for paragraphs that flowed gracefully.”