ISD Runs “Science Month” throughout January

International School at DundeeAnimal Embassy will visit ISD on the 17th to take students on a journey through the world’s four major tropical rainforest regions bringing living examples of their diverse fauna.

Students will discover the significance of these threatened ecosystems to everyday lives and learn how rainforests fuel global weather patterns, provide modern medicines, are home to indigenous peoples and supply many of our fruits, nuts, spices, coffee and tea.

Students will meet live Animal Ambassadors representative of rainforest regions around the globe such as a Jungle Carpet Python, Red-foot Tortoises, South American Chinchillas, Red-eyed Tree frogs, a large Green Iguana and a Spectacled Owl.

On the 23rd scientists from Mad Science Group will present Fire and Ice and Do UV What I See?, as well as activity booths around the school:Super Sticky StationsEnergy Blast, and Magnetic Magic stations.

Throughout the show, volunteers will help discover how hot and cool science can really be! Can paper catch on fire if it’s wet? And students will be amazed when a ‘special paper’ disappears in a flash! After children learn about the properties of fire, the temperature will drop when exploring the science of dry ice. Students will see how at minus 109 degrees below zero, dry ice can make metal scream.

The International School at Dundee was authorized in July of 2003 as an official International Baccalaureate school.  ISD is one of only 181 IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) authorized schools in the U.S., and one of only a few elementary schools in Connecticut to receive the IBPYP accreditation.  ISD offers programs for students from kindergarten through fifth grade.  

ISD has a student body population of 365 students and is comprised of students who live on designated streets, as well as magnet students from throughout Greenwich who apply to the school via a lottery system.  For information, visit, or call 203-637-3800.