Workplace Disagreement in Greenwich Turns Violent

On Friday Feb. 26, Greenwich Police responded to a report of an argument in a workplace at 777 West Putnam Ave at about 1:00pm.

The victim, whom related to police that he did not recall an altercation or anything leading up to it, was transported to Greenwich Hospital for treatment for a possible concussion.

Witnesses told Police that Mr. Taylor had been the aggressor in the altercation, and had shoved the victim so hard that he was knocked off off his feet, slammed into into a refrigerator and fell  to the ground. Furthermore, the witness said that Mr. Taylor then threw a bucket of water on the victim as he lay on the ground.

According to Lt. Gray, the incident stemmed from a disagreement about performance, with Mr. Taylor taking offense at a remark someone had made. “He thought the comments were directed at him,but they weren’t,” Lt. Gray said. The incident took place in a kitchen at the workplace at about 1:00pm.

Mr. Taylor was charged with disorderly Conduct and Assault 3rd degree.  He posted bond of $250 and was released. He has a court date at Stamford Superior Court on March 4.

  • Hilary

    Why is it that arrested citizens are exposed, home addresses and all, but this ‘workplace’ gets to remain anonymous? Do they buy a lot of ads?

    • greenwichfreepress

      Reporters inquired during the press briefing what the workplace was specifically, but the police decline to be more specific. At GFP we pretty much stick to the Greenwich Police press release and occasionally an additional sentence from the press briefing. We publish every arrest and every mug shot. We don’t pick and choose which ones – we stick to a template.